Intel 2011 vs Amd 990FX

People of the Tek! I was recently considering a micro atx build on one of Asus rog gene boards when I noticed the don't make one for amd processors.  So I thought we'll ill build an intel one instead so I started doing some research and I pose you this question ( leave fanboy comments aside) Why would I pay the insane amount of money that intel asks for a 2011 CPU with only 6 cores instead of paying a fraction of the price and getting the top of the line Amd CPU with 8 cores???  I mean literally its $1000 compared to sub $200 any help would be appreciated

Well, it has obviously got something to do with the actual architecture. A 4 core from years ago wouldn't match a 4 core today. It isn't necessarily a core for a core for a core. Having said that, I am not the best person to ask about socket 2011. Might be helpful if you state the aim of your build. Video editing, gaming et cetera. People might be able to conclude what is best for your needs.

You don't have to spend $1000 for a 6-core Intel CPU. The 3930k socket 2011 i7 is just over $500, and is essentially the same CPU as the "Extreme" edition CPUs. If you have the budget, an i7 6-core is going to destroy an AMD 8-core, because of a few things: PCIe 3.0, stronger single-core performance, and X79. X79 is superior to 990FX, especially with multi-GPU situations. Overclocking-wise, it is less dependant on the chipset, and more dependant on the chip, in which case Intel wins again. 40 PCIe lanes; for mATX, that would allow you to run dual cards at full PCIe 3.0 x16. However, for AM3+/990FX, you only have 32 PCIe 2.0 lanes, and a less powerful CPU to drive them. AMD has issues with multi-GPU performance; for what reason specifically, I do not know, but it may be tied to the module-based system used in their "8-core" CPU (4 modules, twocores per module), or maybe the longer pipeline employed by Vishera vs. Sandy BridgeE. Either way, if you can afford it, socket 2011 is a superior choice.

well, first of all you're compairing a socket and a chipset

second, the 2011 processors are significantly faster than an 8350, it's more a question of do you want an absolutly rediculous cpu that probably has a price to match, or do you want a pretty damn good processor that's quite cheap for the performance

it's great price vs great preformance, which do you want

I should have been more specific I meant to compare it to the AMD FX 8350.  This rig will be mainly used for gaming  (specifically as many fps I can get at a 1440p rez).   I refuse to pay $1000 for a CPU with that in mind this build will be constructed around Black Friday of this year , I'm not sure what new gfx card and processors will be out around then I'm just doing my research now so I can get a system that will last a little while my last build has done me well and it was finished in 2010

For gaming I would just go with the 8350, to be honest. You're going to get the FPS you require, at the end of the day, no need to spend more than you need

X79/2011 is more powerful than 990FX/AM3+. The best 2011 CPU is the 3930k, though, not the 3960X or 3970X, which are the worst price/performance CPUs out there (still, some of the best CPUs out there, but nonetheless). If you can afford it, or possibly get into the Intel Retail Edge program and snag a 3930k for $170, then go 2011. Otherwise, AM3+ is a better choice for a lower budget.

Not sure what that program is I googled it and I'm not quite sure how I would be eligible 

Know anybody who works at Best Buy? If not, go in one and befriend an employee; they qualify for it. I'm going to help a friend get his 3770k that way :)

Wanna help another friend?  Lol....but seriously 

Oh, I have no plan. I'm grabbing a six-pack of Ale8, and some beef jerky, and bribing an employee.

its all depending on what you especialy need youre system for, if its pure gaming, then the FX8350 would be a good choice. but if you plan to do some desiging stuff and other things. lets say if there is a reason that you need a high end system, then better go on the intels  2011. i7-3930K  6 cores 12 threads  quad channel memory support, full quad sli/crossfire support. intels high end platform is just more powerfull.

but as i said it all depends on youre needs, for mainly gaming you dont need a intel high end system, but in the otherway if you can afford it, money doesnt count, why shouldn´t you buy the best. But i would personaly go on the amd if the main thing is gaming. an intel z77 platform is also an intressting thing  i7 3770k but the problem is this socket is  eol..

i would personaly say dont pay to much, for power you probably wont use..


upon viewing the newest Tek show I see asus is releasing new mobos for the newer intel chips coming out sooo looks like I may wait a little bit anyway I'm willing to spend 2-400 on a CPU but not much more as you said power that won't really be used and isn't being used in its entirety by today's games

so if I'm going intel because Asus rog doesn't make micro atx boards for amd, should I go with the current chips or repair for z87 chips?

well i should realy wait till hasswell is going to be released, look what those prices do.

X79 will stay on for  at least a year. Z77 is eol, but that doesnt mean that Z77 platform with i7-3770k is a bad cpu. so i would wait till hasswell released, and then look what the prices do.

if the Z77 eol platform, drops in price like hell, i could be something to concider., but hasswell will ofc stay on for the next 2 years.