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Intel 10nm News/Discussion


In this thread news and discussion on Intels 10nm node will take place.

First up is Cannon lake which has seen its first part quitely launched in the form of the i3 8121U which is a 15W 2C/4T CPU clocked at 2.2GHz base(3.1 turbo) without any integrated graphics

Cannon lake is Intel first architecture on 10nm and is supposed to have the next generation graphics so it’s curious to see it launch without any iGPU.
Intel recently announced that 10nm mass production is delayed to 2019 and at the same time revealed that we will see another product launch on 14nm this year codenamed whiskey lake.
It is possible that cannon lake will be limited to very few products due to the simple fact that the 14nm+/++ process has better preformance.

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Do we know that this i3 is actually 10nm? Based on intel’s fab issues, I’m a bit skeptical of this chip actually being 10nm.


Gahhhh, now we’re back to 2 core mobile “core” CPUs? I hoped that was finally behind us.

Not sure how I feel about removing the iGPU. On one hand it takes up a ton of die space, I don’t care about it on desktop, and adding Vega GPUs on the same substrate offers really exciting performance. On the other hand, those Vega GPUs are extremely expensive with HBM2 and everything, so where does that leave the low-end?


Yes we do know that, it’s not simple for Intel to backport Cannon lake to the 14nm node as their micro architectures is tightly integrated with the nodes they are being manufactured on.


ARK page now has the chip listed, 10nm confirmed.
Now if someone would compare the 8121U to the 8130U we can get a comparison between kaby lake and Cannon lake.
Cannon lake adds support for LPDDR4/x.


I believe this is a trial run.

As i understand it, intel has 10nm working, but it just doesn’t beat 14nm++ at the moment, which is cheaper and easier to make (and thus, is pointless).


Looks like AVX512 support will be standard on Cannon Lake.