Intel 10G Network Adapter SR-IOV Virtual Function with Windows 10 Guest

I’m using a Intel X540 T2 10g network adapter on my linux host system and passthrough the virtual devices created by sr-iov to my guests.
With linux guests this works fine but with a Windows 10 guest, when trying to install the proper driver PROWinx64.exe", i get a message like “no card found” even if it shows up in device manager.
Does anybody have had the same situation and know how to fix that?


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I solved the issue.

The trick was to decompress the PROWinx64.exe using 7zip into a folder, then use the device managers search driver functionality in that folder and then it found the correct one.

Sad that the installer does not work, but at least the interface now works in Windows 10 as expected.


This is a general tip, as driver installer packages often have more checks and are more picky then the driver itself. So if you can unpack the exe somehow, or find where it unpacked in %temp% or wherever, then you can often get the driver installed manually.

Right clicking and hitting install on the inf often works, as does letting it search for the driver in the folder. Sometimes you need to install the inf, then pick it manually from the list of installed drivers. Other times, I have had to manually pick the correct INF.

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