Intel 1000 dollars

here is my build
I want this to last a few years and do some recording. I think I have most of it perfected however I am going to wait for the GeForce 10 sixty to come out. Planning on not using it until I get that card so I am going to put off buying a hdd because I can just add one later right?

So I just want to know how to make it cheaper without changing the ram or processor.

Yes you can, its very easy.

If your are going with that processor, you don't need a 'Z' Series motherboard, because that processor does not support overclocking. Use this instead:
Save a couple bucks and get a really full featured motherboard.

The next thing is that SSD needs to be swapped. The drive you have Selected is a TLC drive, and TLC drives are not known too last very long. I recommend spending for this instead:

You could also swap the HDD for a WD Blue 1tb and save $20:

I want sli support it actually cost the same.

The board linked is CFX only. You will have to look for Z170 if you want SLI. Although, the GTX 1060 does NOT support any sli. No 2-way at all. So, Idk why you would bother with an SLI enabled board.

what no sli??? man that is a huge disappointment on the 10 sixty

There was never a time when it made sense to buy two *60 series cards over a single *70 or *80, and with the 1000 series Nvidia killed the option. Sli issues fucking suck and the 1060 is likely to be slightly slightly slower than 50% of a 1080, so two of them would theoretically be a 1070 in real world scenarios. If you were thinking 2 1060's, I recommend a single 1070...

So what would be the best option to get now then upgrade later from GeForce.

The 1080 is the best card out right now, but that is a very expensive card. If you want something a bit more reasonable, the Gtx 1070 is a good mid ground. There is also the RX 480 from AMD which slots in at that Gtx 1060 price point, and is a great card that does support CFX. So, you could grab one of those and get a second one later. But if you want Nvidia, the Gtx 1080 is the best, and the Gtx 1070 is a step down but very well performing.

So the 1060is sli compatible

No. But the AMD 480 is.

So how would you compare the *70 to the 980 GeForce cards

1070 is a better card than the 980
Id put it on par with something like a 980ti maybe a bit better more vram anyway

I think I can say that with some certainty

Is the ten sixty worth waiting for?

So I have 2 options I can get the 1070 now or the 970 then later buy another one of those cards.

The 1070 is a much better card than the 970. I would still recommend you just get a single card though. Sli is not fun.

Just go with the 1070 no reason to get a 970 unless it's like $200 and under. Even then still might not be worth with the 3.5gb vram since games today are already hitting that. 1070. Stick with that. Hell even then there is the rx 480 and that's on par with a 970 and has more vram. 970 is an old card by today's standards.

I hear 2 cards is generally not worth it.

Never is. By the time you need the second card a new card has come out and you might as well spend the extra 100 bucks to get the new card that works just as well as an sli build of what you had. And that's best conditions for the sli. In truth sli doesn't scale well and maybe it will with the up coming games but I wouldn't bank on it. Plus it's a pain in the ass to make it run well on games.
A GPU with last you a good two generations. So get the 1070 skip the 1170 and go with the 1270. Oh god the elvenidy seven. Can't wait.

how much do you think the 1070 is going to come down in price?

It won't.
$400 is the lowest you'll see if we are lucky and $380 is the absolute lowest even on sale.