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Intake fan layout for Lian Li o11 Dynamic

I ordered mine. Just I was wondering what would you guys recommend for intake fan layout. I will definitely install my 360AIO rad on top which will be exhaust.

I ordered three Noctua case fans, plus I have two lovely In Win Polaris fans.
I was thinking to mount the three Noctua fans as intakes to the side and Polaris on the bottom to cool down the GPU.

Would you do the same, or instead mount three noctuas to the bottom and maybe Polaris on the side?

The problem Ive found is the magnetic mesh doesnt want to stick to the bottom of that case when something is screwed in. I ran bottom/rear exhaust instead and just made top and side intake.

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For reference, my setup was:

The only exhaust is that single bottom fan.


Awww. sweet rig…
I think I will do a similar type setup

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Thanks, I tore it apart to sell off the hardware and scaled down lol. I’m using a laptop now.

Why top intake?
Also those magnetic mesh filters are awful for dust filtration…
I don’t know. I have become super jaded when it comes to cases in general. 011 is one of the best ones, yet there are still things I don’t like about it.

Because it works? Because I can still have mesh?

Frankly I dont really care what your opinion of the mesh is.

This ain’t nice…
Honestly my point was modern mesh does not really protect against dust. At this point are they really filters, or are they just there to look good in a review and gamer’s Nexus charts…

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Like @Adubs had his laid out?

Side intake, bottom intake (for GPU temp), rear and top exhaust.

Edit: Could also do rear intake for more cool air on the radiator, dunno. Try both?

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Unfortunately theres no spots on the rear for a fan on the normal o11 dynamic.


Waiting the Noctuas. Even just having two Scythes in the side the temps are already really good. I expect Noctuas to have much more power though.
This is easily the best case I have ever built to.
Especially GPU is really loving this kind of setup, two fans blowing right into it.
Folding at 100% I don’t even need to max out any fans.

I did not use the filter in the bottom intake or top. Living dangerously…

Silly me should have checked the spec sheet before posting.

I had managed to fit one in, a 92mm I believe, though the Lian Li Air might be different. I went with exhaust for my 240 and 360 rads becuase I was able to use 3 lower 120,s and 3 front 120’s fir intake.