Insurgency free for the next 2 days


Similar to what I did here

I’m making a thread announcing what would be a paid game is free at the moment. Click play and its yours for good. I bought the game in 2015 but have only played 23 minutes, probably should give it another go one of these days.
I wonder if this (trend of temporarily free games) might happen more frequently in the future.


pinned until wednesday

I haven’t played Insurgency in a long time, but I can’t wait for Insurgency - Sandstorm which will also have a Linux version just like Insurgency.

I like and own this game Would value it at about $10-15

I like this game. Agree worth $15, so free is good.

Didn’t PGP play this once or twice, way back? They should try it again.

but that’s time not spent playing monster hunter OP

Could you stop shilling that? Thanks.

OP thanks got it installing now. if i like it sandstorm is almost sold.

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Honestly I’ll shill for anything capcom releases except street fighter at this point

How far we talkin’ here

Would you shill if Umbrella Corps 2 became a thing?!

I think RE7 was an apology for that entire era tbh

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Good point.
They do have a great library too.

More hits than misses imo.

As for muh on topic I picked up insurgency, played it once before, thought it was cool
Will prolly boot it over the weekend.

yeah, thank god eastern publishers aren’t jockeying for their own horseshit distribution platforms, am I right?

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Played insurgency after a really long time, pretty fun!

4 days overdue lol