Instinct MI25, better than a Tesla M40 (for normal people anyway)

Has anyone tried to pass this into a vm? Windows just blackscreens even with drivers installed, gonna try linux next.

Yeah, I had multiple MI25s passed through to separate VMs. No issues. What hypervisor are you using? If it’s kvm, the GPU suffers from the reset bug and this fixed it for me: GitHub - gnif/vendor-reset: Linux kernel vendor specific hardware reset module for sequences that are too complex/complicated to land in pci_quirks.c

That and BIOS settings/compatability hassle is why I keep saying “just get a CH341A, or similar”

The “KMD_IsGamingDriver” registry edit you mentioned before, allows OverDrive Ntool to work (and Radeon Settings, if I recall right), not with WX9100, but with FE.

If you’re going to solder on it anyway, I’d recommend going up to the next port.

FE vBIOS? Get POST screen but black once windows loads? Do you get windows without drivers? If all those are yes, see pervious comment for how to make that work. Some custom driver fuckery could fix it, but I’m not the person to sort that out.

I highly suspect this card can do all 6 at the same time. Might be possible to copy paste all related registry entries in place of FE registy entries, or spoof drivers in some other way, to get FE flashed card display out to work without soldering, and without loosing tuning.

Again, I’m not the person to actually do it.
If only vBIOS modding was a thing with Vega.

I don’t remember if this is an improvement in AMD drivers with auto voltage and manually dropping frequency, but at least I can entertain myself with PrimeHack using a passive heatsink, barely. Close to PSU’s fan.

I’m really not asking for much. Imagine if they did dual vBIOS in a smart way, like the silent option being whatever the best you can get at .9 volts is so you don’t have the runaway thermals when voltage is higher. Or if I could at least flash a custom vBIOS myself, then turn an “OC” on and off to switch.
The second card is a Quadro 410.

VRAM speeds and voltage manually set to minimum, core speeds set to minimum and voltages to auto. Latest pro drivers. Within minutes of setting VRAM voltages to auto, Fortnite crashed. Been running Doom 2016 for at least a half hour, temps over 70c, haven’t seen the graphical errors that have been plagueing me. Also keeping settings/usage low though… because passive. Real half-assed effort on my part because I’m sick of things being broken. Could just be one of those things where mine has bad solder balls, or whatever you call the connection to HBM.

Don’t know when this was added. Might actually go back to using the card’s fan header… if I can find the adapter again.

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