Instigating a murder in the age of Kickstarter

Crowd-funded assassinations. Yes, you read that correctly.

People contribute to a pot, and whoever marks the target successfully, gets the money. Vice wrote an excellent peice on the crowed funded assassination market primarily targeting politicians. Pretty scary stuff.

That is interesting. The NSA is probably going to wave this issue all over the place, they probably contributed the majority of bitcoins, and contacted the press.

Very intresting, although i love the idea of it. I hate the backlash of this, especially if it turns out anyone has been killed with this service (or was anywhere near here when it happened). Especialy towards bitcoins, as they are already under attack

I wonder if anyone will put a hit on Obama.


only 1k for a hit? and that's assuming bitcoin doesn't drop

Can you not see the image? There is one for 40.26 BTC.