Installing Windows question


I have a question about windows. If there's a copy of windows already on a computer, but something is wrong with it and you install windows from a cd/usb you don't need the cdkey right?

Of course you need the key then.

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You need a windows key for edition of windows that you are going to reinstall. You won't necessarily need the key that came with the machine originally. If you can still get into windows, there are programs available that will find the keys for your other software as well.

I was working at a computer repair shop and the guy was using the same disk to install on computers needing it. The installation doesn't ask you for the cdkey, but it does say put the cdkey in after it never forces you to.

He's like windows doesn't ask you for the cdkey if the machine already has a copy of windows installed. Just curious about this, why I'm asking the community.

My oem version does everytime.

you can skip on the cd key during installation.
But once you done installing you have 30 days to walk through the activation proces, which will need the cd key.

If you still can boot into the current Windows, then there are some tools to find on the net, which can readout the used windows key from the registry.

You can also create your own Windows DVD / iso if you like.
If you have the key, and you have an original DVD or iso, then you can create your own custom Windows installation disk using Vlite.

You can make a Windows install fully unattended if you like too, including cd key and activation.
You can even add driver packs, updates, and additional software like Flash, Java, winrar, Virus scanner, Malware scanner, even Office can be slipstreamed aswell.

i personaly allways do this.

Actually on new OEM machines that ship with Windows 8 and 8.1 the key is embedded in the BIOS so if you use the correct installer it shouldn't ask.

To slightly correct you, the SLIC is embedded in the BIOS/UEFI. The key is embedded in the OEM media. If you pair the two correctly, then Windows won't ask for activation. If you try to use a retail ISO, the SLIC won't have a key to work with.

It's been that way since Windows Vista was launched.