Installing windows off USB Memory Stick

So today i decided to stop buying blank dvd's im getting tired of running out or asking a friend for blank dvd's. So im seeing usb thumb sticks thingy with 300-400 read under USB3 for 12 bucks on newegg. Is there a software anyone recommends for os installation under UEFI?


Just waiting for Cyber Monday so i can get an FX 6300 for 59 bucks since i got discount code and 20$ off with visa checkout and buying a new case. Might as well get the USB Memory stick since im gonna have to reinstall windows 8.1 lol



If you have your install disk just simply format the flash drive to NTFS and leave the allocation size to default and quick format. After it is formatted, go to your install disk and right click open, then just copy and paste all of the contents of the disk into your flash drive.

You might need to go to your boot loader if it is not recognizing your flash drive install. For the most part it will automatically boot into the install.

Ah alright thanks a lot i been reading so much stuff about using roofus roof something and windows usb thingy at microsoft site. Wasn't sure which one was the best and wanted to make sure i copy everything before i throw away my DVD drive lol 

Yeah there is a lot of tools to do the same thing, I have always done this process, works out every time. Only time I find myself using one of those tools it to create a live usb for a distro.

I see thanks ill keep that in mind and i can't wait to use that USB thumb stick since i never owned one. Feels like xmas already thing about the new parts