Installing windows from usb extra space question

okey so i got 2 usbs

1 of them is 1gb

and other is 32gb im putting the new windows (w8 i need to switch for it for development reasons and i dont want dual boot)

once i put windows 8 on usb i know how to do and i know how to install from usb

the only question i got is im i able to use the rest of spaceon the usb for vital files that i need to transfer? as in will it make installing from usb not work well or if u use the extra space and make additional files it wont affect it

(not using cds cuz dont got any on hand only the 2 usbs)

if its not possible then i guess ill just have to upload a sizeable amount

the only way I can think of that would allow that to work is if you partition off the usb stick. One partition for the windows files and the other for the excess data to transfer back and forth. if you just dumped the files into the windows install you may have trouble. I may be wrong of course since i've never tried but that seems to me the best way to do it.