Installing W7 Questions

I have a few questions-- (Note: All these questions are asked in a seneario in which the PC hasn't been started.)

1. Do you need a Windows 7 disk to install Windows or can I go to the website and download it?

2. Is Windows 7 free on the website?

3. Are there ways of obtaining a copy of W7 for "free"?

Thanks in advance!

  • No, you do not need a disk to install Windows. Just use a flashdrive. 
  • Windows 7 is not free.
  • You can get Windows 7 for free but it will be illegal. Almost every torrent website has it.

Ok. How would you put W7 on a flashdrive?

Youtube. This worked for me


Just put the .iso in Unetbootin or Yumi.

lol. why i didnt think of that first is beyond me