Installing Ubuntu

I just installed ubuntu inside windows 7, just like how i was taught. However it won't start up correctly. It gives me a bunch of colors as if the graphics card is messed up. But when I boot into windows everything still works fine.

If no one knows how to fix this then please give me instructions on how to unistall ubuntu so I can re-install something else.

Don't use wubi (I guess you used it because you said you installed ubuntu inside windows 7). Just write the iso on a usb stick and install it from there.

is there anyway to install a full version of ubuntu on a flash drive that is 64gb if so can u please tell me how


Download the ubunu iso.

Mount it with powerISO.

Run the installer and install it to your flash drive, my memory is hazy but it will either give you the option to install it portably, or allow you to install it to a volume of your choice.

Oxy is right. Anything after ver 9 will boot portabley check out They go into extreme detail how to install whatever iso you want to usb or sdcard.

easy way

1st. download ubuntu

2nd. burn on dvd 

3rd. boot from dvd

4th. plug in usb flesh drive 

5th. click install

6th. chose "specify partititions manually" / "something else"

7th.  delete on your usb flesh drive  partition

8th. create on your usb flesh drive 200MB "/boot" ext4 partition and  another partition "/" ext4

9th. device for boot loader instalation chose if your usb flesh drive is sdc chose sdc if sdd chose sdd do not put partitition sdc1, sdd1 and so on

10th. click insatll it will warn you about swap ignore it