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Installing ubuntu 18.04 missing grub


I’m currently working on several IBM desktops that we are going to use for a charity. I’m trying to get Ubuntu 18.04 installed and as I’ve tried several installs, I notice that the first attempt fails. Ubuntu installs, but grub doesn’t.

If I install it again, then it works. Since we’re using this as a teaching tool, I don’t want to force students to have to install ubuntu twice. Currently, the disks have blanked NTFS partitions. The desktops are ThinkCentre i5 systems, M series.

I’m trying to sort out how best to handle this. Hopefully, I don’t have to repartition each hard disk before we have the students install Linux.

In any case, I’m not sure what’s causing it, so I was hoping for a tip or two to start troubleshooting…


Just out of curiosity which drive are you installing to when it asks. Are you using the full drive?


Yes. There’s only one partition and I’m just telling it to erase and install ubuntu. I had tried playing around with partitioning, but it didn’t seem to make a difference, though I don’t know what, exactly I did anymore.

That said, I have 26 more of these systems to test on, so I can grab another and try again, but I wanted to get some other opinions rather than just randomly guess…