Installing things without admin rights

at the moment i am stuck to a laptop and i am trying to install steam to play games on it but i need admin rights to run the installer, would there be any way to bypass the password or just directly download the client

We can't help you bypass restrictions set by your administrator. If you owned the computer it would be different, but because it's school owned, we can't.

Edit: From the rules page (

If it's against the law it's against the rules (even if we disagree with the law)

You signed something when you were given that machine, that carries weight.

now can you tell me?

No. And the fact that you edited your post to skirt the rules annoys the hell out of me.

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is it possible to partition a drive install linux and then delete that partition

we can see your edits

locking thread, everything is as Ipat8 said

we're not going to help you break the law or even school rules, if you have a problem with something that was free then earn one yourself

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