Installing/Setting up DD-WRT on Linksys router

I have bought the Linksys WRT1900ASC and have decided to install OpenWRT on it instead of DD-WRT because the former is apparently more stable and has more regular updates.

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However I never flashed a router before. And I'm not sure where to actually download the openWRT firmware. I went to this website but I can't find the link to the latest download for my router.

EDIT: I am now online with DD-WRT but my laptop can't see the wifi network.

Its further down the page its under OpenWRT Branches.

I think you meant wrt1900ACS
click System Image and it will Dload

or just click here

the Sysupgrade TAR is so/for when you already have openwrt on a router and a newer version comes out you wont have to reconfigure everything

to flash it , login to the router, find the update firmware page, and upload the bin
it should reboot into openwrt

There are two versions on the site.

  • Chaos Calmer based on kernel 3.18.23

  • Designated Driver based on kernel 4.4.14

which one do i get?

I believe Chaos is the stable branch. The other is dev branch.

Ok, I done uploading/installing the firmware. Now when i go to I get the Authorization Required page and it has openWRT on top. Which means it is success right? Thank you @DrunkByDefault and everyone else.

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I've got the 3200 ACM myself with this, its very nice once you get it going

Does it have built in updating function like any other Linux distro or do you have to update the firmware manually?

The documentation suggests that you do the updates complete, so reflashing the firmware manually. I did a bunch of reading that suggests that the updates aren't always smooth, you should generally do it yourself.
As for the apps and such, I suggest reading up on it. OpenWRT is linux based- but I will admit I myself have limited knowledge on the subject.
I was gonna setup squid but its a little beyond me. I've got some other stuff for reporting and tracking though, I'll probably setup a networked storage with a 1tb external later. That router +OpenWRT has alot of things you can do.

Actually there are 2 more things I wanted to ask. I got a username and password given to me by ISP and I need to put this in so that I can be online. Do know where can i input those details? I also need to set the connection to PPPoE.

2nd thing I wanted is to be able to block domains on the router. So that Windows stops phoning home. The stock firmware was not able to do this which is why I flashed the linksys.

Network>DHCP and DNS for the domain stuff.

This page on PPPoE
Looks like you might have to setup a pkg to get it going.

Man I don't understand any of that. What did you do to get your Linksys online?

I doin't have PPPoE for starters, so not a lot of assembly required. I didn't have to do much other than bridge the connections to LAN, which I kinda messed up later but fixed.
That page is on installing a add on for PPPoE, something you will likely need unless you can setup the modem/other router doing it

I guess it's one of these commands

opkg update
opkg install ppp kmod-pppoe ppp-mod-pppoe

but how can i install them when the router doesn't have access to internet? @Dexter_Kane @Zoltan please help if you can. There is no point using this router If I can't get it online.

Is it not connected?

I think he has to login to his service provider first

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Yes that's correct!

Let me explain. The ISP has given me a shitty Zyxel router which can be set to bridge mode. Then I connect the Linksys router to the Zyxel and it's the linksys that is broadcasting the Wifi Radio. But in order to get online I need to enter a special username and password first. In the stock firmware it was really easy but on this OpenWRT I don't see anything that I could use to login.

ah okay... Alas, I'm sure what to do here, beside try and install from a external device, which I couldn't explain how to do. Either that, or grab the connection via another router?

need some linux peeps in here could probably help

Your ISP's shitty Zyxcel is making the connection to the wan so you don't need to enter the login credentials to the Linksys. Or do you mean you need to authenticate to the Zyxcel bridge? I used an Asus rt-n66u running Shibby Tomato bridged to a crappy Zyxcel and I didn't have to do that from memory.

Have you tried testing with rj45 connection to see if you get out on the wan?

I finally invested in a modem which is much better and it prevents the ISP messing with my connection via their provided router.

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which isp do you have? did you mention pppoe?

it seems perhaps you might need to install the package from the repository...
which requires an internet connection

in that case
you have to use another computer to download the package via the repository onto a flashdrive, mount the drive, and install it with opkg

unless you have a modem which logs in for you...