Installing RD Services on Windows Server 2016

So we are currently testing the Server Technical Preview 2 and would like to install RD Services.

Unfortunately when "Adding the Feature" I am getting an error message "Unable to connect to the server by using Windows Powershell Remoting".
I have done some googling and a lot of people seem to have the same issue on 2012 r2, for example here.
Suggested solutions were:
- turn off ipv6
- modify firewall rules for powershell remoting
- turn off the firewall entirely
- rejoining the server to the domain
- removing the server from its ou and putting it in the default "Computers" ou
- reenabling remote management from the server manager

...nothing worked...

Any experienced windows admins around? Any ideas? Or is 2016 TP2 just more broken than 2012 r2? o.0

Yea....the TP2 for Server 2016 is very very broken. I'd recommend moving back to 2012 R2.

Edit: When I was playing with it I couldn't even get AD DS to install. So take that as you will.