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Installing Radeon 7nm on Arch Linux... 3-11-19--Experiment Continues


I’m so torn right now.

My local retailer PLE has some available for pre-order and stock expected mid week next week, but expected to be limited.

If it doesn’t have SR-IOV, i might stick with Vega 64. But if it does… i’d 100% jump on the pre-order.

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i agree, SR-IOV = i buy, luckily buying one is not an option for the first month. So i dont feel any pressure in this moment.



Yeah, there’s supposedly going to be third party cards. I just wish there was concrete info out there at the moment concerning non-reference implementations, supply, sr-iov support, etc.



There seems to be a new firmware on the way that adds Uefi support. Perhaps they also need to do this so the card can work with the upcoming pro drivers?



My card is Sapphire.

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Anyone here willing to flash the MI50 bios on this thing? Imagine that…



I am thinking about getting another one, but it would probably not be a good idea because the MI50 does not even have video out.



I just caught up on the thread.

  1. You can get unigine superposition from the aur.
  2. Overclocks are nice and all but this is a Vega card we are talking about. Undervolt that sucker and raise the power limit then run a benchmark.
  3. I’m super excited to see OC benchmarks in Linux for this thing.
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Ok I will play around with it after work. I promised some of you that would test out gpu passthrough and I will soon. Just been needing my workstation for work.



How dare you!



Who needs video out when you have virtualized machines w/SR-IOV and “Looking Glass”??



Im reading this as a no go on sr-iov, But im not familiar with the different categories of amd feature sets, So i hope someone can clarify this:


The drivers also lack enterprise remote workstation features.

Does that last line mean no sr-iov?



The Pro series is different from the Instinct line. I don’t think any of the Pro cards have SR-IOV.

So if they are just enabling features from the WX Pro feature set, this probably doesn’t have SR-IOV unfortunately. I am curious if you could flash an Instinct card’s BIOS onto the VII though, assuming the features haven’t been completely removed. The Instinct cards also have no video outputs though so not sure if that would be an issue.



It’s still a made by AMD reference model just with a sapphire sticker on it. Same as my two vega 64s. I have one XFX and one Sapphire.

They are 100% identical except for the sticker on the fan :smiley:

The PCBs both have AMD silk screened on them.

I mean third party as in third party design.

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I finally got an update from AMD support, take it as you will:

So unless something changes (as rumoured - the rumour specifically mentioned “enterprise virtualisation”) then currently its no-go.

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Funny its not on the workstation cards either :slight_smile:



Like i said… take it as you will :smiley:

It’s a corporate helpdesk of a big company who doesn’t even know what they’re doing with the card yet. Is it gamer? Is it consumer? Is it pro with pro drivers? Who knows, and how will it change? :smiley:



I was all excited like a school girl when I first heard about the tech. Since I have come to realize it is a closely guarded enterprise only super feature.

Im not sure if its Microsoft pressure or something else. The feature would revolutionize personal computing with regards to features like Qubes OS etc.

Imaging spinning up Windows , Linux or Mac app’s in VM’s on demand.




Even if they limited it to 1-2 VM instances, it would be a game changer for desktop (yet pointless for enterprise).

Actually, I suspect that Microsoft may end up pushing for it due to their new efforts to virtualise/containerise things like Edge.

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Didn’t they just kill edge and declare that it will just become chromium?