Installing printer driver over the Terminal

Greetings Syndicate,

I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 (3.13 Kernel, 64 bit) and every time I trie to install the drivers for the new printer in the graphical interface, the windows just freezes.
The OS detected the right printer and finds instantly the right drivers. But the installation is always freezing at the same point.

So I wonder, is there a way to install printer drivers over the terminal? Maybe that could solve my problem.
Google was not my friend in this regard. Couldn't find the right topic, to solve my problem.

You could try configuring CUPs (Unix/Linux Printd server and drivers) in the terminal. And then connect to the server via a web browser.

Thanks, I tried that.
My problem here is, that I can't find the right model of the printer.
It's an Epson WF-2630 but the listed drivers start only from WF-7010 and higher.
And I can't find to download them manually. In the GUI, it always finds the right drivers automatically online. select Linux for the OS, and search "WF-2630", download them and install them using sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb

I.. but.. welp.
Thank you @spidernet. I was a few times on that page, but somehow I did not try, because I did not find the drivers on another epson page. Stupid on my part.

Drivers installation + CUP printer worked fine this time.
Finally :)

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I am a complete Terminal devotee, but I still use CUPS via HTTP to set up printers.

Printing from the CLI however, hurray for that :)