Installing NVIDIA Drivers?

Since my first boot up of Linux. I have bin trying to install Official NVIDIA Drivers. Right now im using the Ubuntu PPA to get my drivers. Right now im using Linux Mint 19. I want to move further into Linux and use different Distros. What would you guys recommend i bin using Linux for a little more then a month but i still have a lot to learn.

The real only other thing that you can do is install the Nvidia drivers by downloading them from their website, Then installing them via terminal. I normally just use the PPA its easier i believe.

Almost always best to use the Nvidia driver packaged and distributed by your distribution. You get the advantage of easier installation, upgrading and removal, if necessary. (If all the pieces of an Nvidia installation aren’t removed, what’s left can interfere with a new installation.)

Distro-packaged drivers should also have been tested with the kernel version used by that distribution. Kernels and Nvidia drivers are developed independently of each, the driver source code is not available, and the two being out of sync is probably the most common cause of problems.

All Nvidia drivers with the same version number are identical, no matter which distribution you use.