Installing new motherboard help!

i just got my new motherboard and i dont know what i need to do with my hdd. some people tell me just to plug it in and it will be fine others say i need to reformat? the hardrive so im lost i dont know what i need to do or how to do it.Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.

Normally when moving from one motherboard to another you get a blue screen because of the new hard drive controller so you have to reinstall the operating system.

how do i do that? can you send me a link on how to delete the old and reinstall the new please


The hard drive controller is within the drive itself... So you'll have no issues with that. The issu is usually because your drive tries to boot and it doesn't have the proper drivers to boot from with the new system. Sometimes it doesn't matter, sometimes it does. Best thing to do? Well, you plug everything in and see if it boots. If it does, all is well. If it doesn't, well, then the easiest thing to do is to reinstall, otherwise you can always try to boot using a recovery disc and loading the necessary drivers from their discs.

just put a windows 7 disk in the drive and reinstall windows.

if i do the first thing and it dosent work , how do i reinstall? is there a video you can link me to or something in that nature. and boot suing a recovery disc? can you give me an example of that too please ? thank very much for your help. its extremely apreciated

MisteryAngel even if i have windows on my hardrive already?


Ugh, I haven't even thought about how to make that work since the Windows XP days... Basically you would have to search through the command line script help pages until you find the series that will help you mount a CD and install the driver... I don't recall what it was, but I know it could be done, since I'd done so several times before. But yet again, my memory fails me so.

To get to the command line at boot, you have to insert the Windows installation DVD and let it boot then choose the system repair/recovery option and then go to the command line option. Sometimes as the DVD is being mounted and it is booting it will actually notice that you are missing drivers and go ahead and mount them. All else fails, you can choose to reinstall without losing your data, it just takes the whole of your previous installation and plunks it into a folder titled WindowsOld and lets you sort it out yourself. This isn't the nicest solution, because it will require you to reinstall your software and move your files back into place, but it isn't as bad as it could be. I've used this a few times when I wanted to wipe a system but not lose my documents.

Anyway. I've hardly found a time when a system wouldn't even manage a boot in safe mode with limited drivers even when the entire system has been changed. Usually windows keeps a cache of miscellaneous drivers and a ton of generic drivers within the Drivers folder of the System32 folder. So it really shouldn't be any trouble to just plug the drive in and go.

wenn you have a installation dvd from windows 7  you put that in youre drive set the boot device priority in the bios the dvd drive to first boot, then the computer will start from the dvd, you well get the setup from windows 7 , you can choose  hardrive options, format the drive,

notice all the data on the drive may lost if you gonne format, you can also choose the option, delete windows installation and keep other files. but if all data  can be lost then just format.

the best way to clean install is just format the drive.