Installing Linux Mint & Ubuntu based systems

Have a little trouble.

I currently have two SSD's set up in RAID 0 on the onboard z77 RAID controller. I'd like to partition this so that I can install Linux mint onto the partition but it doesn't pick up the RAID array, only my single 40GB HDD. Any reason for this or anyone know a way around this?

I don't think you should install Ubuntu anyway; I'd get Fedora, or straight up Debian.

That aside, however, RAID 0 is pretty finnicky. It is prone to failure, and generally not worth it. How large are the SSDs? RAID 5 might suit you better for reduncancy and speed. Either way, it should show up as a single drive in the installation menu. Are you sure you have the array setup properly in the UEFI?

What motherboard do you have, exactly?

I've got the MSI Z77A-G45. I've got it set up correctly, I've been using Windows 8 since January fine on it. Just these Linux installs don't pick it up. Fedora does, I can install but I broke it trying to install GTX 670 drivers. lmao, but I really want Mint though, shame I can't use it, unless... I go buy another SSD. which is tempting me.