Installing cpu into motherboard

Is it okay to install my cpu into the otherboard and then place it back into the antistatic bag that came with my motherboard? 


i'm making a computer and getting all the pieces at different times and i just got my cpu in today and of course i wanted to instal it even though i cant even use it right now. but anyway i did and then put the whole motherboard back into the atistatic bag. will this be safe for it? or should i not have done that. 


I'm kinda asking way to many weird questions on here but i figured i'd ask because i wanted to make sure. 




Yeah, just be careful not to bend the pins, it should have come in plastic that would be safe too, lastly just keeping in the mobo would be the best option, then put the mobo back in the box

yeah all i did was install cpu into the motherboard then put the motherboard back into the anti static bag and then put all of that back into the motherboard box