Installing Broadcom Drivers in Fedora Workstation

Just wondering how I can install Broadcom wireless drivers offline in Fedora workstation (version 24 or 29 - doesn’t matter).

Think I came across a site called “rpmfusion”, but I’m not sure how trustworthy that is.

Rpmfusion is the standard supplemental repository for fedora/centos/rhel.

It’s trustworthy. I’d say 90% or more of fedora users have those repos enabled.

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Tried some stuff with openSUSE as well. They kind of have a similar model/idea going “community packages”.

Not sure if this is one of the “norms” for Linux though.

Fedora doesnt include a number of types of packages, some of these include proprietory packages and packages with patent issues or binary blobs.

Thats been relaxed a little bit by including partial rpmfusion repos within gnome-software (its a little hidden but in the repo info part of gnome-software where you can enable them).

rpmfusion was made to host all the packages not included by Fedoras main repo, which isnt many, but doesn’t include a lot of the above described packages. The repo follows Fedora packaging guidelines and release schedule and is pretty much the official unofficial 3rd party repo. Its essentially supported, so much so that Fedora will provide support (via irc etc.) if you have a machine using this repo, but may refuse to support machines with other 3rd party repos or tools (like fedy).

(in reality people will generally help with any 3rd party repo installed with the exception of fedy)

It’s what I’d consider to be a norm outside of the Debian/Ubuntu space.

RHEL/Fedora is trying to stay very license compliant, to avoid any possibility of legal trouble. technically some of the packages are in violation of the software’s license, but nobody really cares enough to go after people over it.

They’re also trying not to include nonfree software in the main repos.