Installing a torrented OS off of usb?

So, to install a torrented OS off of usb, like win7 for example, you find a torrent, put the .iso file onto the usb drive, then you put it in the usb port and boom, it runs you through the setup?  If that's wrong, then please explain. Thanks

Or should I not torrent an OS because of virus encryptions and all that jazz?

I think you misspelled Ubuntu!

But, depend on if you want it to be a bootable usb or not?

Download a program like Rufus if you want to make a a bootable OS USB stick.

Do you recommend Ubuntu?


No, but people are more helpful here if you don't tell them you're going to brake laws or pirate software. 

Oh well

no its not that easy as just put the iso on an usb stick no.

First of all, you need to make a usb stick bootable, using diskpart, there are alot of howto´s to find about that on the internet.if you cannot find, then you can ask me.

Second, if you done all the steps making the stick bootable, then you need to extract the iso file to the USB stick. with winrar.

Then you are good to go.

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Should I be concerned about virus encryptions within a torrented OS?

depends on how legitimit it is. Say it was a windows ISO then yes you should be worried but if it was a Linux distro from the vendor, No. Next to no risk. Obviously there is always a risk, you can get a virus just from going to in theory. Nothing is 100% safe.

Should you be concerned - Yes. Easy to hide shit inside the OS, there is enough backdoors already built in. My advice is to either run Linux or buy a windows key.

USB >> for windows - use the windows bootable usb tool, Linux etc - unetbootin is a decent tool.