Installing 10 to an M.2 and a general install question

I'm putting together a new build. I got a 500GB M.2 pcie from which I would like to run the main programs and the OS (Windows 10).
I am using a 5820k and a Sabertooth MB. My understanding is that I can boot to bios, configure a boot from USB and then everything should be fine. Basically, that the MB will recognize the M.2 before initializing it Windows.
Does this sound right to everyone? or anyone?

General question is that I would like to not pay the $20 extra and just get an OEM install. If I download the install package from the Windows store that is meant for a USB, is it a full install? (I can't find a downloadable USB version for an OEM, especially for a thumb drive install.) It let me download it no problems so it seems likely it could be the upgrade.

If it is full, Can I install it and then purchase the license, like the way they used to give you 30 days.

A downloadable OEM for USB would solve all of this I guess. Except the answer to the first question,

I use a tool called Rufus to convert the .iso image of an OEM disk to a bootable flash disk. I build a lot of systems and it's pretty rare to see the m.2 not be recognized as long as you EFI boot to the install disk, but I haven't done that many Win10 installs yet so it's possible? If you run into any issues a BIOS flash should be able to help you out. X99 has been out long enough that Asus has flushed out most problems with m.2 drives not being recognized by the windows loader.

Awesome. Thanks. Any thoughts on installing from what was downloaded from the Microsoft site and paying/registering later or you're answering that at the same time and think I should just buy the OEM download from Amazon or wherever and use Rufus?

Yeah, I watched a guy say that EFI boot was standard on this board and it was actually a breeze. I just hate to have the whole thing built and then have to iron out the OS.

You can do this if you like, Microsoft will let you complete the installation process without entering a key in windows 7, 8, and 10. I do this on a daily basis ever since windows 7 had problems dropping the key during installation and I never liked having to enter it a second time once I got around to registering the license after network driver install. If you decide to install before having purchased a key just know that after about a month windows typically tends to start locking up and asking for a key before letting you log in and then not letting you log in at all.