Installed new gpu cooler and now computer won't start! Please help!


So my fan on my old gpu cooler broke so I bought a new cooler. Installed it and now my computer doesn't boot. Green light on the motherboard turns on though. There are no beeps or anything from the mobo and no fans turn or anything. Also when I remove the gpu the computer boots fine. I have tried using my other gpu slot and still doesn't work.

Sorry for poor wording typing this from my phone. Thanks for any suggestions.

What GPU cooler did you install?

Icy vision-A on a 7950

Does that cool the memory chips? I put a cooler on a 670 Zotac and forgot to get cooling for the memory and it blew up.

lol whoops, I replied to the wrong person.

What can you tell us about the motherboard?

What is your computer's history with overclocking?

Have you ever flashed the BIOS? Try updating it again with the latest revision.

Also please provide the model and wattage of your PSU. It's been a long time but I'll take ten minutes to brain it for you.

IMO it'd be simpler to just remove the GPU and try booting then first to see if it's actually the part at fault, if you can.

They have tried that..

Oh, whoops. Skim reading. facedesk.

be sure to connect some fan to that 3-pin plug for fan. For safety (both nv&amd) it has to have something plugged there running at specific voltage ~ maybe you'll have to flash it before it works...

also I hope you used thermal paste on it. (as in picture it seems very clean.)

Memory does not blow up, and it wouldn't get overheated so fast at POST...

Here is THE GUY in the thread! Of course it doesn't blow up instantly on POST, no one EVER said that. If he is like a normal person when the screen isn't on he probably left his computer on to check things out. And your 100% right, let me clarify my previous post...your memory could have OVERHEATED AND FRIED. My sincere apologies about putting false information in my previous post sir. Clean that internet up one word at a time.

doubt it would get overheated... even if it was running on post for 24h


You can always just say f*** it, pour some oil in there and make some fries?

What power supply are you using?

Pull the GPU out and make sure the new cooler isn't causing any sort of short. There's a strong possibility that something went bad while you were installing the new cooler leaving you with a coaster.

Yep, You Can Post chips without coolers.

Heck' linus just did it to a $4500 Xeon :P

It's very dependent on the part of course but, I see no reason why a memory ship on the gpu couldn't survive post. I don't think that's the issue here, but yes, If the cooler doesn't touch it, it needs it