Installed New CPU, HOT

ok so i just swapped my AMD Athlon x4 640 to the Phenom 965 and it runs fine not running games, but when i open something like Minecraft the Fans go Crazy and the temp jumps from 33 to like 45C. It didnt do this before, I wonder if its because of the stock Thermal Paste or because i just swapped it and didnt restore my PC or semething. Also now when i start up my PC it says Missing BootNTGR or something PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE, and then it starts. Any help?

Clean off and replace the thermal paste, the stock application on AMD cpu coolers is often awful. Use something decent like arctic silver 5.


What about the error on restarts?

So maybe buy putting the new CPU in it corrupted some files?

You prolly need to do a bios update.

ok i installed the old CPU and FAN and launched Minecraft again and its running at 22C compared to before at like 40C. im going to buy some thermal paste and try it again. How do i go about updating my bios? i have an asus.

Ok i updated the BIOS with EZ Flash, im going to try and reinstall the phenom, right now i have the old cpu + the new fan and it runs fine. Hope this works!

Wait! reapply your thermal paste first, or you will have even higher temps then before!

I Dont have any ATM, do you think walmart or radio shack has some? so i dont have to wait 3 days to do this again?

Ok so i applied the Artic Silver Themal Paste and it still runs WAYYY hotter than my Athlon 640.

This is my idle temps for the phenom.

and here is the Athlon idle temps

On my old CPU they were in the 20's 

Those temps are about rigth for the phenom the stock heat sink is too small i used to have one running at 65C (gameing) 35c idel with the fan running at 2500rpm antill i put a cheap heatsink on it.

AMD gave a lot of underpowerd heatsinks out for there chips i grabed one of these

as i wasent overclocking pushed the cpu temp down to 50c when gameing 

its just weird cause my Athlon ran way cooler. 

The Athlon is much lower Wattage than the phenom

ok well its just annoying to listen to the fan going crazy, should i just return it or look into fans that will keep it at wayyyy lower levels?

a new heatsink would but as said above your temps are fine and quite healthy, intel cpu's run warmer than that that on stock coolers, but they are meant to. the other thinng is you will never get below ambient temps, not without sub-ambient cooling anyway and even with a boss heatsink your you will axe like 10c at idle and load at most which aint bad though. but yeah mid 40's under load is fine. it's once your cpu hits the 60's you should be concerend as that is when throttling starts to happen

ok well can you point me at a new heat sync that will bring it away from 50C while running minecraft that is QUITE and cheap. Cause right now this thing is SO FREAKING LOUD!

The cooler i installed never when past 1200rpm so it was silent ive seen the stock fan go up to 3000 rpm and it sounded like it was going to take off lol

Have a look at the one i put in the link its not the best by miles but i got it becase it fits the mobo without moding (clips on just as the stock heat sink will) and i wasent over clocking and its very small compared to most coolers

What did you expect? More powerful processors that use more power are going to run hotter.