Installed a new processor and PSU but computer shuts off

Today I received a new PSU and CPU in the mail. The PSU I got is a corsair HX850 and the CPU I got is an AMD FX 9370. So I installed my new hardware and I turn on my computer and it all fans and lights are on and spinning. It's does this for about 6sec then shuts off on its own. I've made sure that everything is plugged correctly and making sure that I'm not missing anything either but it doesn't want to stay on. I even plugged back in my old PSU back into everything and the same thing happened. Is there something I missed? Is it not as simple as replacing the parts and turning on your computer, aside from the drivers?

reset your CMOS

I had the same problem with my computer when I changed the power supply from a corsair to an enermax recently. I swaped the power supply back like you and still had the same problem. I tryed the clear CMOS jumper but that didn't do anything.  I ended up having to remove the battery from the motherboard for about 10 minutes and then reinserted it.  Luckily my computer posted after removing and reinserting the motherboard battery.  Try that if the CMOS jumper doesn't work to reset your CMOS.

What mobo are you using. The 9*** series fx chips are 220W and if your board only supports 125W then you may need to remedy that. 

I tried removing the battery and resetting the BIOS but the same thing happened. The thing that I've noticed is that the longer the computer is off the longer it takes for the computer to shut off. Last night I went out for a few hours and when I came back I booted it back up and I got to the desktop and searched the web and everything for about a good 5 minutes and then it shut off again. Once I tried turning back on right after that it shut off after a matter of seconds. The same thing happened this morning while the computer was off all night.

I am using the Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0

Do you know which BIOS version is on your motherboard?  You might need to update your motherboard BIOS.


how do I download the latest version? It says my current version is 1503.

Your motherboard supports up to 140W CPUs.  You have a 220W CPU.

It *can* work, but per ASUS CPU support for the motherboard: "Due to the high TDP, please be noted there are limitations while using this CPU(i.e. special thermal required..)"

Also needs BIOS 1708

That definitely could be the problem. I just was on the computer and actually watched a few videos on YouTube but then during one of the videos it shut off again. So is the CPU getting too hot and that causes it to shut off? I have the stock heatsink that came with my 8350.


yeah so it was definitely the CPU being a 220 watt and my motherboard didn't like it. I put my 8350 back into the computer and now my computer is working fine. Now i cant get a refund on the processor so i need either a new motherboard or a better heat sink, possibly a water cooler from corsair. What would you guys recommend that i just get a new motherboard?

I would try updating the BIOS first to at least version 1708 or higher.  Then reinstalling the new CPU to see if you have the same problem after updating the BIOS.  If problem persists, then you might need a better heatsink and fan or a different motherboard.  That's what I would do mainly because I hate returning items I ordered online.

I just noticed that your using the heatsink off an 8350.  You will need a better a heatsink and fan because the 9370 does get hotter than the 8350.  I think updating the BIOS will stop the computer from restarting and you will able to use the computer, but for gaming you will need a larger heasink and fan or a water cooling system.  So update the BIOS and work on getting a better CPU cooler and you should be good.

You need a large air cooler or a 240mm watercooler - 220w TDP is a lot of heat.

The Sabertooth should be a very good board, though.  It should be able to handle it.

alright cool thanks guys. As of right now though I'm not playing a whole lot of games on my computer, just some LoL here and there and possibly Dragon Age Origins, both of which don't take alot to run so would the stock heat sink from the 8350 still be fine on the 9370 in that sense because I'm not planning on playing and heavy games until the Witcher 3 comes out, then I would get a water cooler.

The stock heat sink would struggle quite a bit with the 9370.  I'd probably install it, see what the temperatures are like under load.  If they get too high(I believe you don't want to go above 65c on AMD chips, if my memory is correct), dial back the multiplier or voltage till you get to reasonable temperatures and stability.  The FX-9370 is simply a higher binned FX-8320/8350 with a higher clock.

well unfortunately i tried installing the 9370 back into the computer and it shuts off after being on for about 5 sec and i did successfully update my BIOS. Its acting just like it did when i first got into this situation. Then i put back my 8350 and it booted up just fine. Is the 9370 faulty maybe?

The processor might not be faulty.  You probably needed to reset the CMOS again because you changed the CPU, sorry for sounding like a broken record.  Once you get your PC to post you need to enter the BIOS and check what the CPU voltage is.  I think normal CPU voltage is 1.5 volts for your processor, but you can reduce the CPU voltage closer to 1.3 volts to reduce heat.  Also check the PC health while you are in the BIOS, it should be way below 60 degree's Celsius and closer to 30 degree's Celsius for looking around at the BIOS settings.  If temp is ok, your heatsink and fan is ok for looking around at your BIOS settings. 

You can then reduce the voltage closer to 1.3 volts and see if the your OS loads. If it doesn't then you need to increase the CPU voltage to next highest voltage for example 1.307 volts until the OS successfully loads.  Make sure since you have your 8350 in that you load a HW monitor to see CPU temps.  Because you posted earlier that the you were able to use your computer with the 9370 installed and then it stopped working.  The 9370 might be overheating because you need a better CPU cooler and it is causing your system to crash. So when you run your system with 9370 again, you can see if the CPU is overheating and causing the system to crash.  I think the thermal limit for your CPU is around 70 degree's Celsius.  So if you see the CPU temp climbing that high using your hardware monitor and then the  system crashes, overheating is the problem 

Personally I would get a better CPU cooler first before reinstalling the 9370 again.  A decent CPU cooler like Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO is decent.  It doesn't have to be the best and it will make a decent spare part when you upgrade to a better CPU cooler later.   

Also what BIOS version did you update your motherboard to ?

Sounds like you are over heating bad. Get a better cooler. I would never run an 83xx or up with the stock cooler. They are a joke, unless you got the water cooler.

i just upgraded my BIOS to 2501.


Are you saying to bring the voltage down in the BIOS with the 8350 in then try the 9370?