Installation Questions

Hey everyone. I recently built a new pc and its time I loaded up an OS. I'm going with Windows 8 and I've been reading on the Microsoft store and etc, but it hasn't really answered any of my questions.

I want to install Windows 8 using a flashdrive. What steps do I need to take in order do to that? If I purchase it off the MS store, will the download give me an ISO file to load into my flash drive so that I can install it in my new pc? 

Any tips and tutorials would be really helpful. Thanks a lot in advance!

Look up Unetbootin, it should load most of your OSes into a flash drive. I use it all the time for Linux, haven't tried it on Windows 8.

Windows had its own program for it, fortunately. When "unpacking" a new OS, it gave me the option to save it as an ISO file, which I put into the flashdrive and now I'm running it well enough so far haha. Now just to get around a few other annoying things. Thank you for you suggestion!