Install wifi without ethernet

so I want to install ubuntu but i need a internet connection and i dont have access to Ethernet so im stuck on the initial desktop, I tried to intstall windows network diver but when ever i to use the "make" command It says that i need the universal pack and idk where to get that i asume it comes when you install ubuntu properly . anyone got any ideas? also I have a netgear A6200 and i have all the .sys and .inf files. also i have never installed linux before so im new to all of this.

So I take it you do have an internet connection it just doesnt work on Ubuntu?

Did it work on the Ubuntu live cd/usb?

Download the linux firmware files for your NIC on another device (should be of the .ucode format), place them in /lib/firmware/ (requires root privileges) and reboot.
This will occur on all network interface cards that do not have drivers integrated into the kernel as they're proprietary (closed source).

For your WiFi

You need to download the following packages

Copy the packages and driver files you have (the ini and inf files) to your Ubuntu install (home directory is easiest)

Then you need to install them using dpkg command

sudo dpkg -i ndiswrapper-common*.deb
sudo dpkg -i ndiswrapper-utils*.deb
sudo dpkg -i ndisgkt*.deb

run sudo nsisgtk and install your drivers.

(if your drivers do not work, these are supposed to be working drivers for that card

You best long term solution is to get a better supported WiFi card, here is a list of supported chip-sets.