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Install Manjaro in QEMU

So I use POP!_OS 19.10. I have installed QEMU-KVM and lots of other things, I have set up a working windows machine, but I am not able to set up a manjaro installation. I have given it 8GB ram and 4 cores x2 threads. It starts the Live CD/DVD, but that is about it. Well in the installation it’s waiting for some sort of module, that I have no idea of which one it is. I wanted to install it in order to test out pacman, since I have only been using deb/apt based systems before, or slackware, in which you download and compile everything before installing basically. … Well it was when I used it, like 15+ years back.

This is the installation screen, when the timer goes down it restarts with even a longer timer.

What should I do? I do have VirtualBox 6.1 installed and the installation worked in that application, but I don’t want to use it, I want to focus on one meaning QEMU and learn more about it, because I am going to be using this application for pass-through in about 2-3 month’s.

Hey! What is this? OpenGL, that is just for some backport rendering?

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