Install exFAT Drivers Offline?

Any way to install the exFAT driver/drivers for Linux offline?

See my response to your other post about the BCM drivers. You need to provide specifics of why and what the issue actually is.

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If exFAT was open sourced, wouldn’t the drivers make their way into the kernel, and thus to all distro’s?

Doesn’t have anything to do with opening an encrypted container of unknown coding

Or was it proprietary, but a free license given to the kernel team anyway? ExFAT has been available for quite a while without any additional drivers required?

[edit: nope, I was thinking of fat32 already in the kernel. ExFAT was only open sources in 2019, so might not be in all distro’s yet, depending how outdated their kernel is.]

there are two competing exFat implementations. One is Samsungs and another one has been in the kernel but you need the fuse drivers. Should not need anything special at this point because either your distro uses the Samsung implementation or the fuse implementation.

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