Inspired by the R6 build video (Fantasy Build)

I came up with this bad boy

The Idea for this build is to to basically have a linux host OS to do everything besides what will be done in a Windows VM (Passthrough gaming/streaming).

CPU: 2950x have an even 8/8 split between VM and Host

MoBo: Gigabyte x399 Designare Integrated I/O Shield plus the fact that this will be a wall mount, makes this a no brainer

RAM: Went with 128GB for a huge RAMDisk

SSD: 250 for host 2TB for VM for games

HDD: Hitachi 10 TB for backup/mass storage

GPU1: Radeon WX5100 for host OS plus I like having all Displayports for multimonitor setup

GPU2: RTX 2080 Ti (Passthrough)

PSU: Seasonic 1000w Prime Platinum.

Case: Core P5

Maybe Iā€™m not reading well today, is this going to be an actual build, or just fantasy?

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Just fantasy with hope of becoming real once I get my vocational training over with