Insightful video on the future of 4K displays

insightful video on the future of 4K displays

Was going to watch this the other day but forgot, pretty good video actually, glad you posted it :)


Gamespot need to get their shit together though and start doing 1080p videos before 1080p becomes the new 720p and 4K becomes standard hahaha.

I think it will flop on big TVs as they implied in the video ... once people notice that when you sit father away the pixel density is no longer relevant and not worth the added cost of the TV and possibly higher internet costs.   (If the ISP's have their way)

We humans can only discern the difference when up close like for gaming monitors.

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i would much rather monitors focus on black levels first. 1440p is already pushing it, but its easier to sell based on large numbers rather than more qualitative things like reduced color banding and quality of anti glare coating. 

I agree ... I would love it if they focused on making 1440p monitors that had faster refresh rates and g-sync like the ROG Swift that is a TN panel                : I

4K will become standard as all Japanese electronics manufacturers are releasing affordable 4K capable cameras aimed at the consumer, even compact ones. Panasonic are even realising a 4K phone with a decently sized sensor (multiples bigger than the iPhone or OnePlusOne sensors).

So by this time next year, your not-that-much-above-average-geek Joe will have 4K video of his kids. He'll want to edit it at 4K on his 5K iMac computer and will want to watch it at 4K on his TV. He'll also be able to deliver 4K video of parties, trips, events, etc... to share with his friends via sneeker-net.

Gamers will piggyback on this trend. Also Hollywood / Net-flicks etc... need to get their 4K delivery act together as people already have higher resolution home made content than that which is available from them. Also, ISPs stronghold on infrastructure will impede Hollywoods 4K distribution efforts. However, 4K will happen, with or without them. It is already here.

I totally agree that it'll be inevitable, its just a wish that they'd let the transitiion happen more smoothly instead of ramming in deep in our undercarriages. Couple of major problems I can forsee: Storage of 4k video and pics on phones and tablets. They will have a lot of pissed off parents that can only keep 3 pictures and a video of their kids on a 16 gig phone.

One major gripe about streaming that I have is that the compression usually leads to a lot of color banding, presumably theyll have to compress 4k video even more to have a hope in hell of having enough bandwidth for the average consumer. When watching on a medium sized tv from 10 feet away, where most people wouldn't be able to tell the diff between 1080 and 4k anyways, a 4k stream might actually look worse.

Also, I believe Netflix at its highest quality @ 1080 uses 3 gigs of bandwitdth per hour. My data cap is 250 gigs which gives me 80 odd hours of streaming (assuming I do nothing else). If netflix simply quadruples the data for 4k then its down to only 20 hours a month! Thats actually about right for me, but the average american watches 3-4 hours a day, and if a family only gets 250 gigs a month for the entire household, no way!

hopefully sony can come out with a new blu-ray type disc or something. And that they make it relatively cheap for people to adopt and that hollywood drops the prices on normal blu-rays.

That was cool.

I have long had an issue with pixel densities at certain distances. The issue for me started in phones with 1440p screens, for the usable disance of a phone it is a huge waste to have all those extra pixels forcing the GPU to work harder and draining your battery faster.

This video absolutely hit the nail on the head. 4K/UHD is only useful when you are close to the screen, as such it wont be great for TVs but good for PCs. it only really helps average TV based applications at screen sizes approaching 70 inch or more. 

The distance vs resolution vs size chart:


EDIT: Clarity

Exactly! Until recently I was using a 37 tv that was 1360x768 as my monitor. viewing distance was 6-7 feet and everything looked brilliant. I would also recommend this


to figure out what sized monitor/tv at what resolution and distance to get the best results



4K will be awesome for projectors...