Input on which is best suited to my FX-8350

Hey fellas

First post on the forum so go easy, got my FX-8350 now I am chasing a motherboard for it. It appears my first choice is back on the cards as it turns out not to be sold out, also at a reduced price which is nice.

Asrock board here

ASUS board here

is the ASUS really worth the extra $150 give or take? I like the features on both, Logan says you guys are smart, prove him right and sell me one or the other.

Thanks in advance


id get a 990FX UD3H or an MSI 990FX GD80 if i were in your position, Amazing boards for the money.

I shall google both of those now, fingers crossed they are red and or black boards.

Yeah the 990FX UD3H could work, but that tiny little bit of blue is killing me inside.... nice price though but everything I have bought so far has actually turned out to be red and black from the power supply to the ram and case. Even the AMD colour scheme ( meant to be maybe ). This is my first build and I would love to experiment with RAID and ideally overclock this 8350 to near enough 5 Ghz.

well if you can curb your thirst for the red and black i highly recomend the asrock 990fx extreme 4 but it comes in white and blue with a black pcb i think. for around 100 bucks and offers performance similar to the two you suggested.

If your talking abou the heatsinks thats nothing a little touch up pain couldnt fix!

Asus M5A99FX pro rev 2.0

Not trying to threadjack but which one of these would be the best for the money if you don't care about the colors? If spending $150 is going to be a lot better than spending $100 I'd do it but I'd like to have it be as cheap as possible. Would any of the 970s work with the 8350/8320?


Questions basically been answered anyway. Never buy asrock.

Ok then which one would be better? And could I just get a 970 board since I am only using single gpu?


I wouldn't bother with a 970 board, just as why buy an obsolete chipset?

Also, I don't see ANY blue on my Gigabyte UD3... It's all black.

yes lets choose color above quality ☻

but if you want a black board, then the gigabyte is realy a good choice.

but mention that the ud3 supports upto 125 max tdp, the ud5 does  upto 140tdp.

if that makes sense..

if color doesnt matter, then i think the Asus M5A99FX pro rev2.0 is a good choice.



How about this?


if you can find the EVO version of the board, The Asus M5A97 EVO r 2.0 then you can better go for the evo, i have the evo, it has a  6+2 power phase instead of the 4+2 on the 97..

but ofc a black gigabyte GA-99FXA-UD5  with 8+2 power phase, and 140 W tdp, is one of the best choices.

but its also not a cheap solotion.

if you not plan to oc, then i still could advice tha M5A97 evo .


It looks like the M5A97 evo is discontinued (at least on newegg) :L

So then should I get this GA970A-UD3?


What about the asrock extreme 4?


About the Asrock just short NO!

then take a Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3


Ok haha I'll get the ud3 then.