Injuries you've sustained

hey, thought we could share some stories about getting hurt.

i once step on a nail that was coming out of piece of wood. i had to be carted home on a bike then taken to the hospital.

once my stupid neighbor thew a cinder block at my head and i had to get stitches

i fell out of a tree playing monkey when the branch broke, i lacerated my ribs against a broken branch.

i cut my pointer finger up real good trying to pry open an electric conduit cause reasons.

guess i've been lucky so far.

Cut my middle finger to the bone decapitating a happy meal toy at age 10
got gravel embeded into the entire left side of my chest flipping a fourwheeler on a gravel road when i was 16
got gravel embeded into my legs and feet flying off of a fourwheeler after rear ending someone at age 17
sprained my wrists and ankles more times than I care to count....

I chipped a tooth in 3rd grade. TL;DR was goofing off in gym class and landed on the ahrd linoleum.

Never broken a bone in my life or sustained any large cut. #Boring

I've had a few close encounters on the mountain bike trails. Once I was going down hill at extreme speed and on the curve hit a rock that threw me over. I ended up rag-dolling 25ft down the hard AF dirt, I stood up and could barely move I hurt all over.
Not a Single scratch on me but I had a whole cup of dirt in my shorts for the pitiful ride home.

Another time I thought it was a good idea to ride with sandals (I was like 9 at the time) TL;DR I lost a toe-nail.

Other than that I've fallen down the stairs a few times

i chipped a tooth at a club, stupid bitch knocked into my arm as i was tilting up my beer to drink

I wrecked my bicycle in 3rd grade and took a hockey puck sized chunk out of my thigh, as well as lacerating my liver on the handlebar

Never had an injury, but did have several botched hip surgeries, which ended up making me have a hip replacement.

Broke my left wrist, twice. In the exact same place (through the growth plate.)
Had the (loose) handle bars of my bike go forward and catch the front wheel, flipping the bike and me over. I landed on my upper lip massive scab...and this was a few days before school pictures too.
Split the back of my head open, giving myself a small skull fracture in the process. I still have a calcium deposit there.
Stabbed my left index finger with a phillips bit in a drill I was using.
Numerous lacerations that should have been stitched up but weren't because pfft...who needs proper medical care? And scars are cool anyways.

I'm sure there are others, but this is a highlights list.

I grew up in Northern Australia. Need I say more? ok...

Broken bones, too many lacerations to count, multiple envenomations, broken teeth, animal bites (I was crocodile-hunter crazy as a kid and would catch just about any creature I could).

I woke up with a spider and a moth in my mouth once. I'd chomped down on them both and got lucky, but it was about the most nasty thing I could ever imagine gagging and spitting out. They're all XXL down there.

Since moving to N.America, nature has completely left me alone; it's almost sterile here in comparison. A couple of motorcycle accidents, car accidents (none my fault) and my biggest injury - leaving me for the most part in a wheelchair: the bloody flu-shot!!! (transverse myelitis). Ironic.

I'll just say this very quick as I am feeling a bit queesy just thinking about it.
On the last evening of a holiday my [then] girlfriend and I were on, I snapped (for want of a better word) my achilles tendon. This was way back in 1999. Almost passed out and my foot swelled up badly!

There's only one explanation for such injuries on a bicycle.

fell off my bike and scraped up the entire side of my leg.
my sister threw a chisel at my head and had to have it super glued shut.
broke my left arm 3 times
broke my right arm 1 times.
sprained my wrists about 10 times
broke my ankle falling off of a curb.
cut my left index finger to the bone while carving some wood
have an extra tooth in my mouth because my baby tooth never fell out.
had surgery on my ears drums about 13 times
had to have my ear drum rebuilt.

so im not so lucky. there is a reason i dont like going outside.

Lol please explain the ear drums

I had tubes in my ear drum to drain the fluid but they kept falling out like every year. and had to have my eardrum rebuilt because it collapsed.

One time my girlfriend asked me if her dress made her look fat. I said ya, kinda. She turned me into a newt.

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i once read similar thread in past. The horror has never left me since.

sorry thats on you. its a trick question. you say no and she yells at you for lying and if you say yes you get yelled for calling her fat.

5 years old: classmate dropped a stilt on my head. Point > head. Had it glued.
10: wanted to stop a fight. woke up against a wall. again, hospital to get my head glued.
these 2 probably explain a lot in hindsight :P

Drunk as hell. wrong side of the trainstation. So what do you do, climb over the fence ofcourse.
Iron fence, 2 meters high with those nice points on top. To bad I forget to let go. 23 stitches in 2 fingers. Almost ripped them off.
Had a argument with a piece of wood. it won. result was 7 stitches on my chin.
Chipped tooth cause of wild sex
6 weeks on painkillers and muscle relaxends (not sure if that's how its spelled). All because I avoided a 5 year old while cycling. Missed the kid, ended up flipping over him landing about 5 meters further.

those are pretty much my highlights xD besides the numerous cuts and bruises.

HAHA I wish I was doing some cool stuff. Actually just slid out on loose gravel. I landed on the handlebar sticking up from the ground. No puncture wound or anything because my skin bent around the handlebar. Probably wouldn't have known if I didn't have the hole in my leg. We found out I was bleeding internally when going in to get that fixed

there was that one time i caused a micro fracture in my urethra, i was pissing blood for a week.
cause: sex.

Was playing manhunt a couple years ago, Was hiding on my roof. Someone saw me. Did a running jump off the house (I have a small house) rolled and kept running, was perfectly fine, until I ran smack into the parked car in my driveway. had a bruise down the right side of my face for awhile.