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Initiative Q

Hello guys,

I would love to hear your opinion about the Initiative Q - - supposed to be kind of cryptocurrency by founders of paypal.

Giving "Q"s away for free (inviting more people) seems too good to be true and use it.

What do you think about it, what is the goal of it (personally I think it’s a scam, and they’re trying to build a huge database of personal data in order to sell it later).

Please keep from posting the invitation links in this topic. (I have tried to read multiple discussions online, but those are flooded with invitations, impossible to find a needle in a haystack). In case you decided to post those, please start separate topic.

Not founders of paypal - was another company that was bought out by paypal.

Being invite only smells like id tracking to me

I’m a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency early adopter, and I still have not-insignifigant cryptocurrency holdings. That said, a solid 90% of all crypto projects are absolute bullshit.

Of the 10% that aren’t, many don’t have qualified teams, most don’t have viable business models, and the number of projects that actually provide value above alternative projects is slim.

So… skeptical.

As is the idea that internet money is worth time.

Wait for the market to chill out before even touching anything.

The entire site reads like a pyramid scheme.

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