Ingame Music Anyone?

Yeah, its an odd thread I know, but I'm bored so yeah...basically tell us your favorite ingame music, you must include the name of the game, and if the track has a name, then please show that as well.

My favorite is the Total Annihilation sound track

Three songs I chose from the sound track

1.Forest Green

2.The March Unto Death


I dont listen to music "in-game" it distracts me and I cant hear whats going on as well.


Rocking out to metal and then realize that there whole team is tea bagging you from behind and when you turn around they all shoot you...

EDIT: If theres in game music then I turn it off

sf2/ff8 ost <3

The Oblivion music while your in the wild is pretty good IMO lol. really athmospheric

I liked some of the guitar songs in S.T.A.L.K.E.R

Frank Klepacki - Hell March 3

from the game red alert 3

the original hell march song was good but #3 is god

my fav :3

Devil May Cry. You best recognize.




Soul Reaver. That's all that needs to be said.


A good old PC classic.


Love this song. Very southern sounding. I don't know if it's actually in the game though, seeing as I haven't played it yet.


Definition of EPIC.


Ton's of other stuff I can't begin to think of.

Age of Conan music.. Fucking epic.

Best game music ever made.

Its so many tracks, so just look up age of conan music on youtube

F-Zero X it has guitar solos!

world of warcraft music


metal gear solid and OoT would probably had the two i found most memorable.

oh well, ive always loved the zelda/elder scrolls music. it always just captures your imagination, and zelda music makes you feel really heroic.

ohh and id have to throw chrono cross in there.

I wish i had finished that game :/

lol Total Annihilation was the shit.

I've always loved the catchy Battlefield theme