Information on Learning how to Overclock

Just wondering if you guys have any insight on where to learn valuable information on overclocking. There is so much on the internet that it is hard to sift through the BS. Are there any books or suggested sites you could point me and curious others here on tek sndicate to? I feel like its a bunch of guess and check but I would like to have some what of a understanding of what's going on so that I can make EDUCATED guesses. Main focus being the system and cpu not so much the gpu. Baby steps. 

what cpu and motherboard do you have

Do understand that they specialize in OC right?


Better to post in the OC section in less you're asking The Tek to make a OC tutorial. Good luck in finding your answer.

OC'ing is very specific so we need more info

Ok, so you're asking them to give there personal experience.



I have a 1090t with a 890fxa-gd70. I'm not looking for a specific tutorial on my set up. There must me some general background knowledge. You have to have an idea with what you're working with. Some deductive system guidelines. I mean you just don't go and tune a race car totally ignorant. You have to have some knowlege of how it works and what will break the machine. Every cpu and every car is different I understand. But they are also all very much the same fundamentally.

Some of the basics of overclocking is making sure you have a decent motherboard capable of overclocking and very good cooling. Overclocking on a Stock cooler isn't the best of idea's due to the high heat output from overclocking. The next thing you need to worry about is voltage, it is best to go with the lowest stable voltage. As you get to a higher clock and becomes unstable then up the voltage little by little. The next thing is the multiplier. Most of the Intel processors have locked multipliers. Which will really bottleneck the overclocking process (you can try to up the bus speed if you hit the maximum multiplier). The idea of overclocking is to push the hardware beyond the factory speed set. Making it so you can get more from your money essentially.