Inexpensive Wifi adapter for Linux? OOTB

I am selecting an inexpensive wifi adapter for a client who needs to migrate away from the BCM4311 Wifi G card in their old laptop that will be running Linux. I have selected an Edimax EW-7811Un card. What is you guys' experience with this adapter and is there anything better at a similar price? It needs to work preferably OOTB on the latest OS and Kernel.

I have bought this exact wifi dongle 4 years ago to use with my raspberry pi (debian & OpenELEC) and I can say it worked great.
As far as compatibility goes it should just work OOTB with laptops. If this is not time critical I will be at home in ~4 hours. I can plug in it to some of my linux machines and let you know for sure if it works out of the box.
For the money this is probably the best option.

cool beans

Just checked it with my linux desktop (Ubuntu), no issues, I was able to connect to a wifi right away with no other active internet connections on the system. So it should just work out of the box.
Hope that helps.

This adapter works really really well and works out of the box with Linux and Windows, plug and play in few secs. But be sure to get the V1 and not the V2. The V2 requires compiling drivers for linux and it's a pain in the ass, even with instructions from Tp-link. Performance and range are respectable for an adapter of this size that houses a tiny antenna inside. Even if gets warm under heavy use doesen't break a sweat and never disconnects. RTL8192CU chipset inside.

I've heard good things about that Edimax EW-7811Un adaptor, although ive not used it myself except on a rpi a few years ago. Seems to be a "good enough" and works ootb adaptor.