Indie games? Free to plays?

So my motherboard died and it's gonna be 3 or 4 weeks until Asus sends me my replacement. So if you guys know of any free games, indie games, 2D, platform, etc. type games that can run on a dual core laptop then suggest some please! I'm so bored I'm at the point where I would literally play in traffic.

well if your up to the task find your nearest highway and try running through the whole thing during rush hour.

if that didint work and you are now dead try some stuff like: mc pixel. ace of spades. those are pay for games but they run on anything

as for free games try: tf2. LoL. war inc battle zone. AvA. Abp reloaded. if your laptop can handle them

If not for all of those then just go to steam and under games go to free to play

hope it helped! 

I've recently been playing a game call They Bleed Pixels, it's a action platformer with a 1 button combat system and an interesting mechanic where you build up a meter to allow you to put down a checkpoint. The combat is fun and has a range of monsters to fight, as well as good, difficult platforming. I'd highly recomend it, since it's fun, cheap and will run on anything due to the pixelated graphic style.

Thanks! That game sounds cool. Do you know of any old platformer type games that I can just emulate?

You can always emulate n64 games like OoT, Banjo Kazoie, and such.