Indie Game The Movie

Has anyone seen Indie Game The Movie? 


If so, thoughts? Do you think the indie scene is overtaking triple A title games?



yeah I got this off a Humble indie bundle a long time ago. It was very interesting to watch.

If you havent seen the extra bits where they follow the developers after they released the game, I recommend that its some good footage.  Going to watch it again. Best documentary ever!

Yeah I love that movie. It's a shame there aren't more documentaries as well made as this about video games.

Great film. Was a big eye-opener for me - seeing just how much work (time, blood, sweat and tears) they put into these games. 

i feel bad for the developer of braid, that game was a mind bender and pretty amazing, but alas, most people only saw it as a gimmick.  and phil fish needs  thicker skin, man, he really should have avoided interacting with the public.

I think Phil Fish definitely has some issues going on under the surface that makes he more susceptible to public opinion and fuels his volatile reactions. Wouldn't be surprised if he has some form of autism and or aspergers. Or something else...

Guys if you have seen Indie game the movie, chances are you will like a documentary called "king of kong" its about the best players in the world playing the arcade games.  Its on youtube so watch it while you can. And yeah Phil Fish is crazy


Love this one too. Billy Mitchell's such a douche lol.

Yeah Billy Mitchell is a self entitled douche.

I agree King of Kong is a great movie. 

Yeah, Billy Mitchell was definitely portrayed in a bad light.  But the one person that seemed even worse than him was Billy’s sniveling, fanboy, underling.  That guy would spy on Steve Wiebe and report back to Mitchell HQ.  He seemed like such a little worm.