Indie Dev Interviews for WASD?

Indie devs need exposure and the community has questions: A match made in heaven. Logan or whomever could interview devs (over skype or something) about up and coming releases with questions from the community about the game/s so we can find out a little more about them and the people behind them. The game gets more exposure to a significant audience aiding the dev, the audience gets to know more about their favourite up and coming games and TS makes a few connections. Also WASD could probs do with a little more content anyhow. I was thinking Daniel Vávra, perhaps (Kingdom Come: Deliverance).


This is a really good idea in fact

I would very much enjoy watching this kind of content.

I think this isn't a bad idea but I don't want every episode to be like this and I sure as heck don't want the Indie developer taking up the entire episode. Just my 2 cents on your idea OP.

I thinking more WASD specials. Not a regular thing. But I think it could be a solid 40 mins or something, so would be an episode in of itself.

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