Increasing fps in starcraft 2

hey i would like to know if it posible to increase stacraft 2 performance since the games only use 2 cpu core it run better on the intel platform then amd but i notice in task manager you can set processe afinity so on my amd fx 6300 would it increase performance if i force stacraft to on core 4 and 5 and clear core 4 and 5 from other background stask so when stacraft 2 run it is not running on a bog down core what do you think would it work

one word

oh my god what is that one word o_O

If you whant better fps you need a better video card you can tweek the cpu as much as you whant your never going to get a noticeable difference

WRONG, SC2 is more CPU intensive than GPU, sure a better GPU would help take a little more load off the CPU but you'd get a better performance increase with a better CPU. Unless he has a really low-end card then his GPU isn't the bottleneck.

Its not wrong at all just becase a game like to use the cpu as well as the gpu means nuthing the games recomended cpu is a Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 5000+

The piledriver 6 core is vastly superior to both of these in speed/processing power tweeking the cpu may get 2-4fps at best a better gpu can make the difernce of 20+fps