Increase the PS4 Pro storage - how to go about it?

So i’ve been enjoying my PS4 Pro more than i expected, even though i bought the 1TB model its clearly not enough storage, i have to put at least 1TB more into it.
My first try at it was an external drive composed of a 1tb WD Blue laptop drive i removed from my mom’s Lenovo and two different powered USB 3.0 Akasa cases i had around, first a Noir S and then a Duodock,
the result with both cases is sluggish to say the least and its clearly being caused by the WD drive (due to its terrible 60mbps read/50mbps write rate), sometimes even the homescreen gets stuck.
I was thinking, my computer has a really old 2TB drive that already needs replacing (it has its fair share of bad sectors and is noisy) and a less than 1000 hours of use Toshiba P300 2TB (which is 170mbps read/150mbps write) drive, i could replace both those drives with a 4TB Toshiba X300 or similar, move the good 2TB drive to my PS4 and call it a day.
Or alternatively i could leave that good drive alone, buy another 2TB drive for my PC and a 2.5’ 2tb drive for my PS4 to replace its internal drive.
What do you guys think would be the best solution?

Aren’t external HDDs an option now?

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Yes, but considering i have most of the drives i need for this and cases that perform better than the OEM cases on standard external drives, i see little to no reason to invest in those.

Uh just go external as it is simple and affordable if you shop smart and you don’t risk destroying your PS4 in the process.

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Indeed i decided to go in that direction, specially because my PS4 is still under warranty.
Ordered a Toshiba X300 4TB drive for my main machine and a Vantec Nexstar TX hdd case, when it arrives i’ll format my Toshiba P300 2tb drive and then plug into the playstation.

an external HD solution… PS4 is likely still on warranty… plus they are easier to upgrade and manage tbch

edit: Oh nevermind already said

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