Increase FPS in Battlefield 4

im getting around 100+-10 FPS in battlefield 4 with a Gtx 780 and an AMD 8320 and im trying to get constant 120fps

lowering any graphics setting in BF4 does not increase the fps, and i now just realised that this is the most "first world problem" thread ever....

If adjusting graphics settings doesn't affect performance, it is indicative of a CPU bottleneck. Try some OCing.

dammit! im already on 4.5ghz

i cant get this chip any further without getting max temps beyond 60°C and bf4 gets nearly as hot as prime95.

maybe i can get to 4.6 at least,but that will not change much.

nothing is wrong with your set-up, the game is badly optimised.

Yeah, bummer... wait for Steamroller?

I also read that the FX series shouldn't have too much trouble getting up to 4.8GHz on air, provided you have a good air cooler and decent ambient temps. I wouldn't be too worried pushing temps to 65 (recommended 62), but definitely keep below 70. 

play in a lower resolution?

i could still try that.

im on a watercooling loop with a dual 120rad top and a 120 rad in the front. both with NF-F12s but i still only get to 4.5GHz with acceptable temps. i tried 4.8GHz and got it stable with 1450mV but it got to 60°C while playing bf4 and up to 63°C with prime95 any voltage lower got errors in prime95.

nothing is wrong with my cooling and thermal paste is applied correctly so i must have one of the worst 8320s in existence ._.

it only has to survive till Steamroller :D


Have you unparked your cores?

Disable Core Parking, this should give you the extra frames.