Incapable of creating a raid array

I recently purchased two 120gb mushkin SSD's to put into raid 0 but for the life of me i cannot get it to work.

I am using an Asus z87i-pro motherboard. 

The process i went through after installing the SSD's is as follows:

  • installed intel rapid storage drivers
  • In the uefi i entered the CSM menu and changed the "boot from storage device" option to "uefi first"
  • Changed Sata mode to RAID
  • Save and reset
  • Re-entered the uefi and created a raid 0 array from my two SSD's in the now present intel rapid storage menu
  • Restart the pc and then it says Boot device not recognised and to change settings in the CSM menu.

This is where i hit a road block and just cannot move forward, no matter what i do in the CSM menu i get the same
message so for now i have just given up. I am booting off of my 1tb hdd with two seperate 120gb SSD's doing pretty much nothing.

If anybody could tell me where i am going wrong and enable me to run my SSD's in raid 0 and to boot from them i would be hugely appreciative, this has been enormously frustrating. 

u cant boot a raid 0 array without some sort of os on it.

after the creation of the array, u must boot a dvd or usb drive and install your os on the array.

boot device not recognized is because u dont have a mbr and os.




You are doing it backwards. you must create the RAID then install the OS as creating the raid destroys all data o the ssd's. Be sure to consult the mother board manual. As you may need a driver in order to install the OS on the raid.