Hey Guys!

Been watching your videos for a number of weeks now and I have made sure to go through basically every video uploaded till now and absolutely love it! It's like NewEggTV with balls and no shame :)

Anyway onto the question at hand, there is so much content here and I can only imagine how many goofs there would have been in each video to date, would you guys ever think of possibly releasing gag reels of each video? call it The Gag, or GAG.EXE? :P

Also, Logan, I see you're quite the metalhead with some impeccable taste, may I suggest some interesting bands you may not have heard yet?

Fleshgod Apocalypse

Ignite The Ibex

Wintersun (well you might be slightly insane if you have not heard these guys before, but nonetheless!)

Down Below (Wildes Herz & Sinfony 23 great albums!)

Mors Principium Est

Solution .45 (Christian Alvestam's new-ish band!)

Enjoy & can't wait till the next INBOX.EXE & The Tek!


From way down in the dark depths of Koala infested Australia \m/