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23 hours 19 min ago

Has anyone else had trouble getting into...

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1 day 15 hours ago

Was missing Civ5 Brave New Wold definitely going...

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1 day 19 hours ago

I'm not sure why the default link for the Civ V...

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1 day 19 hours ago

i dont blame you lol, i feel the same way. but...

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1 day 19 hours ago

You mean that 850 Pro? You're not alone. I'm...

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lol wut?

Cute Doge

Yeah visiting old places is pretty surreal - was in Rome for xmas with the missus and far out anything post BC was considered modern. Crazy shit. Yet here in oz anything older than 100yrs is heritage. Crazy shit.

I would love DefCon coverage from you guys.

I have used my phone's web browser several times for the new forum without any issues. I don't really see the need for the app, just because the forum is so friendly to mobile devices already. I'm also with Logan on the Ireland thoughts. I would really only be in it for the pubs

I love the new look and feel its a lot better.

I thought I would be safe from Pixel Dungeon because I don't have a smart phone. I looked it up because of this. I was wrong. There's a windows port. I hate you @Logan.

awesome intro Umbra is hugeeeeeee , talking about threats where is the " Logan will push you right to the screen if you log off " button !!!!

So I googled ultimate Tomato. It's a book

Wendell is as least in green

What is going on with wendells screens lol

+1 to real Vermont Maple Syrup. That stuff runs in my veins.

I make my own maple syrup. Maybe I should send ya some.
I live in Pennsylvania though... ;'(

I had to stop eating pancakes. Stuff got out of hand!

Also, the border collie is the only valid dog.

Great to hear Logan talk about the 'Linux Debate' on this, and other forums; I've noticed that these 'debates' can often turn acerbic at times.

Yes! The bit about the site opening such that it looks like an independent app is great. Plex does that and it really confused me at first. I need to read more about how to implement this for my own stuff.

I agree. Totally forgot you could do that with web apps on android. Created one on my homescreen and typing on it right now!

I wouldn't mind a Tek Syndicate app even it was just some beautified RSS feeds from the main page.

I don't know if you guys have used the Pulse or Feedly apps on Android but I think those provide a nice mobile experience.

looks like irc.